“Invention is the most important product  of  mans creative brain”

- Nikola Tesla -

Latest Journal Publications

Jun 2019

Fiber laser with simultaneous multi-wavelength Er/Yb passively Q-switched and single-wavelength Tm gain-switched operations

-Photonics Research-

Wavelength switching and tuning of fiber lasers by using a modifiable intra-cavity filter based on a modal Michelson interferometer

- Laser Physics-

Apr 2019

- Energies -

Latest Academic Publications 
May 2018

Intracavity absorption gas sensor in the near-infrared region by using a tunable erbium-doped fiber laser based on a Hi-Bi FOLM

- Defense + Commercial Sensing - SPIE

Feb 2018

In-fiber modal interferometer based on multimode and double cladding fiber segments for tunable fiber laser applications

Photonics West - SPIE

Aug 2016

Novel fiber sensor implemented within a Mach Zehnder Interferometer spliced in to a double clad Ytterbium-doped fiber laser

- Optical Sensors - OSA